Political Action Committee

The purpose of the Political Action Committee (PAC) is to educate and support candidates for public office to enhance their understanding of the issues facing our industry. This is a significant part of the NJSBCA’s advocacy efforts, all of which are designed to result in laws and regulations coming out of Trenton that make sense for you, both as a school transportation provider and as a business owner.

We need informed legislators in Trenton, and we need your help to make that happen. Please consider contribution to the PAC. The recommended amount is $20/bus in your fleet. This will help sustain the PAC so we can continue our mission of educating political candidates so they may share and understand our concerns.

Click on the button to download the PAC donation form. We greatly appreciate your consideration and hope you will be able to support the NJSBCA PAC. If you have any questions about the PAC, please feel free to contact Eric Raphael, Legislative Committee Chair at .