Chloe WiliamsDid you know that Chloe Williams, President of B.R. Williams, is NSTA’s newest Chair of the Membership Committee? We recently asked her several questions about what membership means to her. Take a look at what she had to say!

How long have you been an active member of NSTA and NJSBCA?
My family and I are long time members of NSTA. My folks attended their first NSTA conference in 1980. I, along with my sister joined our parents in the mid ‘80s.

Initially, I came to relax, explore the different cities, and enjoy the camaraderie at the various functions and the unofficial gatherings in the area. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that I had “seen the world” and returned to my roots to work side by side with mother and father. As I became involved in my parents’ business, I actually started attending the meetings. Then and now, I come home with a head full of ideas and recharged for a new school year!

How long have you served on the Board of Directors?
I’ve been on the Board of Directors since 2017 and currently serving in my second term.

What is it you value most about your membership with NSTA?
“Most” indicates that I should answer with one item, which I cannot. Two items always come to mind when asked this question. First, the relationships that have arose from being part of NSTA are numerous. Throughout the years, I have called on other contractors and/or vendors to ask questions about a product they may be using, discuss a scenario or simply get feedback on an idea. Some of these relationships have grown into lifetime friends. Secondly, NSTA! It is an association that is there to support each and every member, large or small. Questions regarding legislation, a legal aspect, a human resource aspect, statistics, even information within your home state, the NSTA staff go above and beyond to answer and assist in every way possible. In addition, the grants, scholarships that NSTA promotes.

What advice do you have for someone who is looking to get more involved here at NSTA?
Don’t wait. For many years, I attended and went to various committee meetings each July but did not truly participate. I waited until I was asked. Don’t wait. It is easier than ever with the scheduled conference calls to be involved every month and know the latest happenings. Pick one or two committees that you or someone on your staff can get involved with and dive in!

Chloe, thank you for sharing what membership means to you! For those ready to dive in, reach out to NSTA staff and get connected with a committee today!