Effective July 2019, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will begin the issuance of REAL ID driver licenses and non-driver IDs as well as continuing to issue our standard driver licenses and non-driver ID. REAL ID is the new federal requirement for identification for commercial air travel and for entering certain federal facilities. Specifically, a non-REAL ID driver license or non-driver ID (as opposed to a passport or other federally-approved ID) will not be valid to fly within the U.S. beginning October 1, 2020.

Standard (non-REAL ID) driver licenses will start bearing the words “NOT FOR “REAL ID PURPOSES.” Both Standard and REAL ID documents are valid for general purposes, including driving. In addition, please note that all current driver licenses and non-driver IDs will continue to be valid.

ID samples for Real IDClick on picture to see larger

Special Note: The MVC has also started issuing all driver licenses, permits, and non-driver IDs to reflect the driver’s residential address (physical address versus mailing address, as a requirement of REAL ID). Up until this change, the mailing address had been printed on the above-mentioned documents. The mailing address (i.e., PO Box), however, will continue to be printed on registration documents. As a result, the address on the driver’s registration may no longer match the address on their other documents, if the driver has a different mailing address.